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This is a full day face to face course with theory and land based practical s followed by a pool session

Acquire skills that can be applied in any stressful environment

The Ocean Apnea course has been developed with years of rigorous research and development with knowledge gathered from freedivers, surfers and first responders from around the world. As a result, we have cut away all the fluff and focus on teaching only what is necessary and essential to the develop a more solid breath hold and tools enabling you to perform when it matters the most and during critical, high stress situations like surfing hold downs. Our drills and content are constantly being reviewed and updated based on our research, experimentation and feedback given by our partners and clients.

The Ocean Apnea course hones in on the essentials for dealing with sudden and intense situations like surfing hold downs. Using freediving and surfing insights to provide specific knowledge of what the human body and mind go through when stressed (particularly underwater on a single breath). The course uses the surfing hold down as a tool to teach a suite of skills used to manage stress in any scenario.

Although very popular among surfing communities the learnings from the course are applicable to anyone at any level who wishes to develop more skillful breathing, improve performance, recovery, stress management, self awareness, self control and of course their breath hold.




Ability to swim 200m unassisted (body board fins can be worn if not a strong swimmer). Must be at least 18 years of age to attend for individuals, or 15+ must attend with adult/parent.

Gear Required

Bring swim goggles, preferably not a dive mask. Surf wetsuit plus swimmers or board shorts.

Note: Although most pool water is maintained at around 27 degress, students can expect to be in the water for 2-3 hours. The body cools dramatically during static breath holds, so thermal protection is highly recommended for the first stages of the water session.

Man Surfing on Ocean Waves

The tools learnt in this course can be applied to any real life situation. This course has received much recognition outside of surf sports and is often attended by land based athletes and and vocational professionals seeking fear and stress management tools that can be applied to their specific communities.

Underwater Photo of Man Swimming