The Best Breath Training On The Central Coast

Swimming pool
Surfer woman dive underwater. Surfgirl dive under big wave


Tony Sinclair has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the aquatic environment having served as a professional lifeguard both in Australia & overseas for 25+ years. Adding to his skill set in the ocean, Tony has worked as a paramedic, is a first aid trainer, qualified yoga instructor, a Breathless Master Breathwork instructor and

Ocean Apnea Instructor.



You’ll get used to “Breathe in..2,3,4…hold..2,3,4..exhale..2,3,4,5,6..” and “treat the cold as a friend.” as Tony guides you on the breath and cold experience.

I look forward to the sessions, especially the ice bath. There are no down sides, great location, great crew, great experience..Really appreciate Tony’s dedication to facilitating this experience on the Coast…



Tony has such an accessible way of teaching breath work it allows everyone to feel comfortable to give it a go. He is building a wonderful and diverse community group that gathers weekly for ice and breath work. Tony’s passion for wellness and health using breath work is infectious.